10 Troubling Facts About Kentucky You Would Be Better Off Not Knowing

Everyone knows the Bluegrass State is a beautiful place to live, thanks to the land and the friendly residents. Unfortunately, the old saying “nobody’s perfect” still rings true. It hurts to say it, but we could use some work with these troubling Kentucky facts.

Here are 10 troubling Kentucky facts that could stand improvements:

Compared to other issues in the U.S., these troubling Kentucky facts aren’t too awful. Kentucky may be a few steps above the rest because of its good-hearted people and the unmatched beauty of its lands. This state continues to bring in a ton of visitors every year to enjoy the weather, the Southern cooking, the Kentucky Derby, the quality bourbon, the fantastic scenery, and some good old Southern hospitality.  What areas would you suggest Kentucky put efforts into improving? Let us know in the comments.

Address: Kentucky, USA

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The Most Amazing Facts About Kentucky

January 06, 2023

What are some hidden facts about Kentucky?

Hidden facts about Kentucky include:

  • Duncan Hines was a real person who baked delicious foods in Bowling Green and then became the brand name that you see in the stores.
  • There’s a coal mine fire that has been burning for over 40 years at the Lost Mountain Coal Mine. Smoke still flows out of it.
  • The largest hand-blown stained glass window in the world is in the Cathedral Basilica of Assumption in Covington.
  • Bourbon County was where the first bourbon was distilled and it has been a global favorite ever since.

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What are the most unbelievable facts about Kentucky?

The most unbelievable facts about Kentucky include:

  • The Boy Scouts were first organized by a woman named Myra Greeno Bass in Murray. She taught 15 boys how to hike and camp and it grew from there.
  • Fleming County in Kentucky is considered the covered bridge capital of Kentucky. Sadly, while there were once over 400 bridges, there are now only 13 left.
  • Mickey Nilsson invented a motorcar that ran on bourbon as fuel. Kentucky would certainly have enough to go around!
  • The largest fireworks display in the world is the show that signals the start of the Kentucky Derby.

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What are the most unique facts about Kentucky?

The most unique facts about Kentucky include:

  • Middlesboro is the only city in America that is built inside a crater left by a meteor and also has the world’s oldest 9-hole golf course.
  • The largest cave system in America is the aptly named Mammoth Cave, which opened for visitors in 1886.
  • The Kentucky Bourbon trail takes 3 days and covers 80 miles, with stops at distillers like Four Roses, Makers Mark, Jim Beam, and several others.
  • The Kentucky Derby is the longest-running horse race in the country, and it got its start in 1875.

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Address: Kentucky, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.