Kentucky is a beautiful place to live, filled with wonderful people–but it is not perfect. Mind you, it is close though. Still, like anywhere, there are things residents grow to undeniably hate about our gorgeous state. The southern hospitality and flourishing forests are definitely fine points, but alas; there are a few troubling areas as well. Stereotypical satire has been taken to an extreme over the years…and then there is the natural stuff.

Here are 10 things we sometimes grow to hate as Kentuckians:

In my humble opinion, these are very realistic things to get annoyed about, especially after suffering from allergies and manic weather for decades. The Derby is just one week, so it can be tolerable. (It’s just more an inconvenience if you happen to need to travel in that direction for anything.) Overall, Kentucky is a beautiful place to call home, and I in no way mean this as demeaning to our lovely state and good hearted people. What, if anything, have you grown to hate about the Bluegrass State over the years?

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