It’s Worth It To Drive Across Kansas Just For The Donuts At Hana’s Donuts

Donuts are so delicious. They’re a great portable size, super-sweet, come in various flavors, and taste good hot or cold. It doesn’t get much better than Hana’s Donuts if you’re looking for donuts in Kansas. This little spot in Kansas City is worth a drive even if you don’t live in KCK: the donuts here are that good. Hana’s Donuts opened in 2012 and has been making fresh donuts daily. This place is a real hidden gem, and the next time you’re craving donuts, avoid the big chains and head to Hana’s instead.

For more information about Hana’s Donuts, including hours, or to order online, check out the bakery’s website or Instagram.

Have you ever tried the tasty pastries at Hana’s Donuts? Share your favorite in the comments! (Our vote is for blueberry cake donuts.)

Address: Hana's Donuts, 2131 S 34th St, Kansas City, KS 66106, USA