This Road Trip To Kansas’s Most Majestic Castles Is Like Something From A Fairytale

Haven’t you ever dreamed of living in a fairytale castle? Looking for something to do while all the zoo animals are away for the winter? Well, now you can visit these real life castles right here in Kansas. Start from wherever you are closest to and work your way around. The total drive is 562 miles, amounting to 9 hours and 35 minutes on the road, assuming you don’t stop to tour the castles! It’s short enough to be packed in a two or three day trip, easily. There are 10 castles here to see! The map can be found here.

Well, do any of these castles suit your fancy? Which one would you like to live in the most? Maybe churches are more your style for touring the state? Check out these 10 churches in Kansas that will leave you absolutely speechless.