Serving Since 1934, Rosedale Barbecue Has Fed Kansans Some Of The Best Meats

Barbecue and Kansas go together like cinnamon rolls and chili, and whether you’re a bigger fan of the meat or the sauce, you can’t deny how good a plate of ribs can be. Have you eaten at Rosedale before? Serving up great barbecue since 1934 can’t be easy, but it has to be good to be in business this long. Let’s see what they’ve got to offer.

For more information about this barbecue that has stood the test of time, check out the Rosedale Barbecue website or the official Rosedale Barbecue Facebook page.

If you’re a big carnivore, you’ll also love this restaurant serving up some of the best steaks in the state.

Address: 600 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66103, USA