There’s A Restaurant In Kansas With A Sandwich So Intense You Have To Sign A Waiver

I like to eat… there, I said it. Even before this pregnancy, I was known to be able to out eat almost everyone I know (should I be bragging about that to the entire Sunflower State?) and could always finish whatever food was in front of me. However, after seeing this Bonner Springs food challenge (and the fact that they make you sign a release form before ordering), I decided that I may have finally met my match:

Aptly named the Ultimate Destroyer, this monster of a sandwich is comprised of a foot-long hoagie, half-pound pulled pork, half-pound hickory smoked pork, six slices of bread, half-pound hickory smoked ham, half-pound hickory smoked turkey breast, BBQ sauce, three half-pound hickory smoked hamburgers, half-pound hickory smoked brisket, and half-pound hickory smoked BBQ sausage served with a half-pound of fries and four pickle spears… Are you hungry yet?

As per Papa Bob’s website, participants must “eat everything that’s on the pretty plate in 45 minutes or less, and it’s free. But if you can’t, you’ll pay Papa Bob’s $58 for the ‘Ultimate Destroyer’ and get to take the rest of it home. Come to think about it, you’ll pay for it either way. If you succeed, you’ll get your picture on the Papa Bob’s Wall of Fame (or in some cases Wall of Shame), a Papa Bob’s Tee Shirt, an ‘I survived the Ultimate Destroyer’ button, and a great big ‘Attaboy’ or ‘Attagirl’ and don’t forget BRAGGIN RIGHTS!

Did we mention that there is also a release waiver that you have to sign before ordering the meal? We did? OK, just double checking…

What do you think? Could you dominate the Destroyer?

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