This Humble Little Restaurant In Kansas Is So Old-Fashioned, It Doesn’t Even Have A Website

Bright and shiny new restaurants are great, but old-fashioned restaurants in Kansas often take the cake for having great food and wonderful atmospheres to make you feel comfortable. One of our favorite tried-and-true eateries is Christy’s Tasty Queen in Kansas City. This unique spot has been serving up famous tenderloins and more for nearly 40 years and has so much charm and nostalgia for many KCK residents. It feels like a step back in time, and it’s so old-fashioned that you won’t even find a website for Christy’s Tasty Queen. Check it out:

This restaurant is old-school, so there’s no website. However, you can find more information about Christy’s Tasty Queen on Facebook.

Address: Christy's Tasty Queen, 1405 S 55th St, Kansas City, KS 66106, USA