How This Small Kansas Town Quietly Became The Coolest Place In The Midwest

We’ve featured many Kansas towns so far. Some are weird, like Lucas, and others are filled with their roots, like Lindsborg. However, this one small town is so full of history and charm that we think it might be the coolest place in the Midwest. We’ve featured it in lists before, but never shined a spotlight its way. This town is definitely a shining example of how charming Kansas is, and how much we love small town life. Well, what are you waiting for, let’s go take a look!

Starting with the local scenery, the Chase State Fishing Lake is the best place to start. There’s an amazing amount of wildlife to be found here, as well as fishing, hunting, and camping. Plus, just look at that view!

After this amazing town, you should add these stunning Kansas attractions to your bucket lists.