19 Questions You Can Only Answer If You’re From Kansas

We all have something that we’re experts in. For instance, photographers know the ins and the outs of their camera, biologists know a thing or two about living organisms, and Kansans know (most of) the answers to these 19 questions:

1. What is the proper pronunciation of “Arkansas”?

2. Which town still likes Ike?

3. Is Kansas really as flat as a pancake?

4. What is Wichita State’s football record? (HINT: It’s a trick question…)

5. *Think back to the billboard* How many families does one Kansas farmer feed per day?


6. A structure with a smooth sloping surface for children to play on is called a __________ slide.

7. Get the heck out of _________!

8. __________ Man a Wildcat.

9. Rock _________ Jayhawk.

10. Home, _______ on the range!


11. What do you call the meat-and-cabbage-filled pocket that your grandma used to make?

12. Do you have a feeling you aren’t in Kansas anymore?

13. Does Memphis have the best BBQ?

14. What is a Jawhawker?

15. And what does “Bleeding Kansas” mean?

16. Which Kansas town is nicknamed “Little Sweden USA”?

17. Which Kansas town is known as the “Czech Capital of Kansas”?

18. Where can you find the “Air Capital of the World”?

19. Finally, what is it like to live in the BEST state in the country?!


What other questions can you think of that only Kansans would know the answer to? Sound off in the comments!

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