This Unassuming Fried Pie Shop In Kansas Will Be Your New Favorite Destination

More often than not, many Kansans enjoy sitting down and having a great time over their meals. They talk to their servers, compliment the food and go on their way. However, sometimes, you need or want something that’s quick and delicious. Food that you can enjoy without making a huge mess, or even on the go, is sometimes the best you could ever wish for. This fried pie shop in south central Kansas will have you calling in an order ahead of time, because you know they’ll be great.

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies can be found at 1642 East 61st st. N in Park City, Kansas, just north of Wichita. Feel free to use the map below to help you get there. Happy trails!

These hot hand pies are the perfect thing to try when it’s cold outside. Of course, there’s a lot of reasons why Kansas is the absolute worst in the winter. Right?