The Beef Jerky Outlet In Kansas Where You’ll Find More Than 100 Tasty Varieties

We all love beef, and jerky is just one of the many things we can do with such a versatile meat. Living in a state full of cows and pasture, it’s hard not to taste every form of it before you hit your 20s. However, that doesn’t mean every flavor. This beef jerky outlet in northeast Kansas (and all of its amazing flavors) is just waiting for you to stop by either of its locations.

You’ll find a Beef Jerky Outlet at y, Kansas, and also at 6301 W. 135th St Bb, Overland Park, Kansas. For more information about their selection and what else you’ll find at the store, check out their website here.

All these beef jerky flavors remind me of road trips. To me, beef jerky is the best food ever for road trips. Have you seen our donut trail road trip yet?