Public Health Warnings Have Been Issued For These 12 Kansas Lakes

It’s in the middle of summer, and you know that means blue-green algae is starting to flare up, or is already taking over. Certain lakes across the state that have the right conditions have become a home for this slimy stuff, but did you know that it’s toxic to both humans and their furry companions? Kansas currently has 12 lakes that you’ll want to stay far, far away from for a while, all issued warnings by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Feel free to also visit their website (or save it in your Favorites) to keep updated on the state of the water at these lakes.

Remember that your health is more important than a day at your favorite lake. In addition, if you spot anything like this growing in a different lake, you should call the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at (785)-296-1664. If your plans included one of these lakes this summer, don’t fret- there’s plenty more things to do this summer that don’t involve getting into slimy, toxic water.

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