The Quietest Spot In Kansas Will Relax Your Soul

I am willing to argue that Kansas is the most peaceful state in the country… can I get an amen?! From the pristine prairie to colorful farmland to open roads as far as the eye can see, there is truly a tranquil and happy place to fit every preference and personality. However, if we had to pick one spot in particular to call the quietest, it would have to be this stunningly serene waterfall:

Nestled away within the Geary State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area is that of the beautiful Geary Lake Falls; a 35-foot-tall waterfall that is fed by the overhead Geary State Fishing Lake. While it may take a bit of a hike to reach this natural gem, it’s worth the work, as the steep and narrow path leads to what we consider to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state (and if you have seen all of the other jaw-dropping waterfalls, you know that is saying something)! In addition to the peace that comes from watching and listening to the cascading falls, there are a number of other area outdoor opportunities to take advantage of, including fishing (five-pound Saugeye, anyone?), wildlife sightings, and even camping!

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