If you’ve seen most of our fishing lakes, Pillsbury Crossing, and others, you won’t want to miss out on this underrated waterfall in Kansas either. This little park with a little trail has a perfect little waterfall to spend some time at while you’re here. If you’ve ever gone online to look up something to the effect of “waterfalls near me in Kansas,” well, you’re in luck, because today your search ends for good.

For an interactive map of the trail and other photos and reviews, check out the Indian Rock Trail AllTrails page.

Do you have a favorite trail that we’ve been overlooking this whole time? Tell us all about it! Then check out this short loop trail in Kansas that’s perfect for a short day hike, no matter what time of year. We also have a great place to input all of the info about your favorite Kansas spots right here.

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Waterfalls Near Me in Kansas

What are some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Kansas? 

Of the 400 or more hiking trails there are to choose from in Kansas, there’s only a small handful of waterfall hikes – 13, to be exact. But those 13 hikes are all worth the effort, as many of them are truly amazing. Some of our favorite hikes with waterfalls in Kansas include the amazing Seven Mile Creek hike, which is nearby Lansing and spans 1.2 miles in length. It’s easy, short, and mostly paved; you’ll be treated to some wonderful river views on that one, too. Next, we love the Geary Falls Trail, which is a short (0.7-mile) hike over the dam to a waterfall. Finally, make sure to check out Chase Falls Trail, which is nearby the town of Cottonwood Falls. You can cross over the waterfall at the top of it! Once you’ve got those hikes out of the way, make sure to check out some more – Kansas is a much more beautiful place than folks tend to give it credit for.  

How many waterfalls in Kansas are there?  

Despite the relative shortage of waterfall hikes, there are still quite a few waterfalls in Kansas. There are about 100, give or take, known falls in the state; some of them are quite famous, while others are lesser-known. Each is amazing in its own way, though, and we’re happy to have them in our backyards! Some of the most amazing Kansan waterfalls include Pillsbury Crossing (aka Deep Creek Falls), which is easily our most famous waterfall. Other wonderful, scenic waterfalls in Kansas include Bourbon Falls, in eastern Kansas, Bachelor Creek Falls, near Eureka, and Montgomery Falls, near Independence. Those falls are perhaps some of our most beloved, and for good reason: they’re nothing short of breathtaking.  

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