We love waterfalls and fall foliage, right? Who is to say we can’t have both at the same time? This waterfall in Kansas is always beautiful when it’s active, but it’ll be especially stunning once it’s framed in beautiful shades of red, orange, and gold. Plan to come a day after recent rains and you’ll be treated! Cowley Lake Falls, also called Cowley State Falls, is an amazing introduction to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sunflower State’s waterfalls.


For more information about Cowley State Fishing Lake or fishing here in general, check out the Cowley State Fishing Lake official website. Also, check out this wonderful video to see just what to expect at this amazing Kansas waterfall:

If you prefer to be in the car while you sight-see your fall foliage, check out this scenic autumn drive in Kansas perfect for viewing all the best changing leaves. Need somewhere to stay? Check out all the awesome fall foliage spots our friends at Airbnb have!

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Cowley Lake Falls

  1. How big is Cowley state waterfall in Kansas?

More formally known as Cowley Lake Waterfall in Arkansas City, Kansas, this gorgeous cascade is an impressive 25 feet tall! Interestingly, this waterfall in Kansas has been called one of the most beautiful in the United States by various sources at various times. It’s amazingly beautiful – a true hidden gem that nobody expects from the Sunflower State.  

  1. Where can I see the best fall foliage in Kansas?

What’s better than fall foliage in Kansas? Not a whole lot. There are a large number of awesome places that are perfect for viewing fall colors in Kansas, like:  

  • Eisenhower State Park – Colors here range from brilliant gold to fiery red, and somehow this park tends to fly under the radar for non-locals.  
  • Bartlett Arboretum – This amazing little refuge holds annual autumn viewing events, and we strongly recommend you do at least one!  
  • Central Riverside Park – This Wichita staple is famous among Kansans for its awe-invoking fall colors.  
  • The Gypsum Hills – This part of the Sunflower State is intensely beautiful year-round, but during autumn, it takes on a very special beauty.  

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  1. What is it like in Kansas in the fall?

Autumn is a magical time; the transitional seasons really do seem to be the most beautiful, especially here. A few things to keep in mind about Kansas in the fall include:  

  • The average daily high drops from about 86 degrees to about 49 degrees.  
  • The average daily low drops from about 68 degrees to about 33 degrees – just above freezing!  
  • Overall, autumn in Kansas is fairly mild and tends to have many sunny days.  
  • The first freeze does not typically occur until October.  

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