We’re not particularly well-known for our bodies of water in Kansas. If people haven’t traveled the state much, they tend to think that it’s pretty much nothing but plains, with maybe the occasional rock formation. But we have several gorgeous rivers and lakes in Kansas! If you’re looking for super-clear water that’s almost unreal in its beauty, you won’t want to miss Wilson Lake at the state park that shares its name. This is perhaps the clearest lake in Kansas, and it’s a great place to enjoy a day out in nature. There is just nothing quite like relaxing on a pretty, sunny day with your family and friends.

Have you ever been to the beautiful Wilson Lake in Kansas? Are there other places that you like to explore when the weather is nice and warm? Please share your experiences in the comments section! We would love to hear all about them. Do you have any other favorite lakes in Kansas? There are so many gorgeous places to go in our state and we always enjoy hearing which ones are your top choices.

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