Chicken N Pickle Has Opened Its First Ever Ice Rink Right Here In Kansas And You Need To Visit

Ice skating in Kansas? Most wouldn’t expect a chain restaurant to add an ice rink in Kansas, but Chicken N Pickle has always been about outdoor family fun. Ice skating isn’t something we get to do often in Kansas due to rapidly changing weather, so we welcome the idea of a pond that won’t crack before we get up for the day. Come check out all the activities you can do on this mini ice rink at this chicken restaurant.

For more information about the ice rink, check out the local Chicken N Pickle Facebook page or the Chicken N Pickle website.

Make sure you’re not surprised by a Kansas Winter (or the people who make it interesting) before you set out! Imagine how beautiful a light snow would look on this mini ice rink.

Address: 1240 N Greenwich Rd, Wichita, KS 67206, USA