Once upon a time, Kansas was full of “joyful” attractions that delighted generations of young visitors from around the state. Sadly, due to economic and other unforeseen circumstances, a few of these iconic amusement parks had to close their doors, including that of Boyles Joyland Kiddie Park in Topeka. Closed in the late 1980s, Charlie Boyles’s iconic Joyland Kiddie Park delighted and dazzled thousands with its iconic Tilt-A-Whirl, vintage carousel, Louie the Clown, and other memorable attractions. Fortunately, we were able to dig up rare footage (from YouTube user Dani Blackwood) that shows Boyles Joyland Kiddie Park in its prime. Enjoy!

What do you remember most about Boyles Joyland? Share your memories in the comments! Discover even more old school Kansas goodness by taking A Look Back At This Beloved Kansas Amusement Park That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic.

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