The Burgers At This One Eclectic Kansas Restaurant Are As Big As Your Face

When you want a really good burger, you either want a bag of greasy sliders or a burger the size of the plate it came on. Here, they serve the latter of those two. No matter how different the name may be, this biker bar & grill is open to anyone, and the face-sized burgers are more than enough to satisfy any Kansas-sized hunger you may have. Come see for yourself what’s cooking in Harveyville.

For more information and to see more about Hell Rayzor’s Roadhouse, check out their Facebook page here.

Address: 13404 Harveyville Road, Harveyville, KS 66431

Have you eaten at Hell Rayzors before? If you have, let us know in the comments what your thoughts were, and if you recommend any other burger joints in the area as well. If you’re just a fan or burgers big and small, make sure you add this friendly diner to your bucket list as well.