This Jaw Dropping Place In Kansas Will Blow You Away

Kansas is home to several gorgeous places, but this one in particular may just be the most beautiful of them all. Take a look:

Do you recognize the location? If you guessed the Baker Wetlands in Lawrence, you’d be correct!

Managed by Baker University, the Baker Wetlands are a diverse (almost) 600-acre wetland that features more than 400 different kinds of plants, 265 species of different birds, and 61 other various vertebrates. Once the K-10 is complete, the area is expected to expand an addition 300-some acres, bringing it to a whopping 927 acres in size.

The Baker Wetlands are thought to have once been inhabited by the Kanza Indian tribe and were later crossed by pioneers on the Oregon Trail. In 1968, the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare transferred 573 acres of the Wetlands to Baker University, 27 acres to Haskell Indian Nations University, and 20 acres to both the University of Kansas and Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Have you visited this beautiful area?