Barring a bad thunderstorm or ice-over, camping is something you can do in any weather, even if you have to opt for a cabin or yurt over a tent. If you’ve ever wanted a place to camp year-round, these beautiful Kansas state parks are the perfect places to find campsites open all year-round. Pick your favorite time of year or anytime you want to get away, and set up camp!

For a map of each of these locations, visit Google Drive or check out the one below. Which campsites open all year round are your all-time favorites? Let us know!

If you’re looking for a shorter trip or another place to visit on your nature vacation, check out this place where you can view a wild bison herd in Kansas closer than ever before.

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Camp Sites To Visit All Year Round

What are some of the best hiking trails in Kansas?  

Okay, so, maybe Kansas isn’t exactly famous for its hiking, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any at all! In fact, according to our friends at, there are actually more than 400 amazing trails all over the state, each of which is special and unique in its own way. These trails range in difficulty from very easy to moderately challenging; there are no hard hikes here, after all, Kansas isn’t exactly mountainous and there isn’t really a whole lot of elevation to gain while hiking anywhere in the state. Among the top-rated and most beloved hiking trails in Kansas are gems like the Elk River Hiking Trail, in Elk City State Park. This one is known for its outrageously beautiful wildflowers during spring and summer, and it’s lengthy – 15.3 miles – so you can either do the whole thing (whew!) or choose which parts you want to see most and traverse those. At Shawnee Mission Park, there are the Orange, Violet, and Red Trails – three amazing hiking and biking trails that are rated as moderately difficult thanks to some rocky bits. Other great trails in Kansas include Tomahawk Creek Trail, Indiana Creek Trail, and Turkey Creek Trail. For more ideas and information, check out this article. 

What are the best state parks in Kansas?  

Kansas has no shortage of state parks – it's home to 28 of them, after all! Of course, “best” is definitely subjective; what we might think is the “best” may not impress you, or someone else. That’s alright! In this case, to determine the “best” state parks in Kansas, we simply checked out which parks are the most popular. After all, they’re beloved for a reason, right? So, the “best” state parks in Kansas, based on ratings and popularity, are Tuttle Creek State Park, Kanopolis Lake State Park, Milford State Park, and Wilson State Park. Clinton State Park is another really wonderful (and ultra highly-rated) one, and we also love lesser-appreciated parks like Fancy Creek State Park and Webster State Park. As we said, “best” is subjective – so which do you think is the best?  

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