Here Are The 20 Most Popular Baby Names In Kansas

Does anyone else think that naming a baby is one of the most stressful things EVER? There is A LOT riding on a name, and it is important to pick something with a good “ring” to it. When my husband and I first met our son at Hays Med in December 2013, we knew right away that he was a “Jackson”–because the name just seemed like a good, strong, traditional one that would take him far in life. Come to find out, we weren’t the only ones to think it, as Jackson is currently one of the Top 10 most popular boy names in Kansas! What are some of the other most popular names? Read on as we unveil 2014’s most popular baby names in the Sunflower State (via Social Security Online.)


Boy Names // Number of 2014 Babies with Name
1.) William (198)
2.) Liam (193)
3.) Noah (158)
4.) Mason (156)
5.) Jackson (148)
6.) Elijah (145)
7.) Oliver (141)
8.) Benjamin (138)
9.) Logan (131)
10.) Aiden (130)


Girl Names // Number of 2014 Babies with Name
1.) Olivia (212)
2.) Emma (190)
3.) Harper (176)
4.) Ava (161)
5.) Sophia (156)
6.) Avery (128)
7.) Elizabeth (121)
8.) Isabella (120)
9.) Charlotte (116)
10.) Addison (107)

Do any of the names on the list surprise you? Do you have a 2014 baby with one of these names?