Iowa’s Whitewater Canyon Trail Leads To A Magnificent Hidden Oasis

A short drive west of Dubuque is a hiking trail that will take you to another world. The Whitewater Canyon Trail is located in a 500-acre wildlife area that has one of the state’s only true canyons. A hike here will take you past interesting geological formations, near a small cave and through some wildflowers before you reach a place thats simply amazing: the wild and winding Whitewater Creek.

It’s an adventure unlike any other in Iowa and a trail you should seek out. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of this short but rewarding hike.

Whitewater and Lost Canyon are about 4 miles northeast of Cascade and are accessible from Highway 151 and Curoe Road. Interested in more Iowa trail discoveries? Check out these short and scenic hikes.

Address: Whitewater Canyon Road, Iowa 52032, USA