While everyone loves to see a waterfall, when you search, “waterfalls near me” you will find that many of Iowa’s best falls are hiding at the end of long and arduous hikes, which makes them difficult to access for young children, the elderly, or those with disabilities. There is one stunning hike that’s available to all Iowans, though, because it doesn’t require any hiking! Dunnings Spring Falls is located just steps away from a paved parking lot, and it’s one of Iowa’s most beautiful falls.

And now you can finally take a break from googling “waterfalls near me” in search of the perfect one! Dunnings Springs seem like a dream.  While you’re nearby, be sure to visit the town of Decorah, Iowa! It’s one of the most charming towns in Iowa, and it truly has a little bit of everything, from whimsical architecture, to many types of scrumptious food (including one of the biggest burgers you’ve ever seen,) and even a very cool Norwegian heritage museum!

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Waterfalls Near Me

What are the best waterfall hikes in Iowa? 

There are a shocking number of waterfalls in Iowa just waiting to be found, and while it is lovely to find one that you don't have to hike to, hiking can also make the sight of a stunning waterfall all the more rewarding! One great choice is making a visit to Decorah Fish Hatchery and Siewers Springs Park to explore and discover a beautiful staircase waterfall. Another option is the Malanaphy Falls Trail at Malanaphy Springs Reserve. This beginner friendly trail is just under two miles and alongside the gentle waterfalls there are strange rock formations that will make you feel like you're trekking through a fairy tale world   Or if driving is more your style than hiking, you can take our Iowa waterfalls road trip.

Are there any natural wonders in Iowa? 

Iowa had a ton of natural beauty that is oh so inviting. And amongst all of that beauty, there are some natural wonders in Iowa that will absolutely blow your mind! You can climb deep underground into the Maquoketa caves, or the even creepier Crystal Lake cave which is packed with awe inspiring stalactites and stalagmites. Or if staying above ground is more your style, you can visit the gorgeous bluffs of the upper Iowa river, a river with views unlike any other in the state.

Which state parks should I visit in Iowa? 

If you are a fan of state parks, Iowa has a huge number of them, 83 to be exact. Perhaps you are passionate enough, to try and visit them all, but there are a few that we think of as the best state parks in Iowa. We think you have to visit Pine Lake State park, so titles because of its massive glassy lake, and you can't miss out on spending some time at Wildcat Den state park, with its foot bridges and dense foresting, the atmosphere is unbeatable. If you want to make sure that your park visit is calm and quiet, perhaps check out our list of underrated state parks in Iowa.

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