You Can Walk Among Ancient Tallgrass Prairie In This Stunning Iowa Landmark

One of the most wonderful things about Iowa is just how open it is. It’s not hard to find quiet, secluded locations to take in the state’s inner beauty. But in most locations, that beauty is certainly a lot different from what it was centuries ago. The residents of Iowa have put the land to work, as Iowa is one of the biggest farming states in the nation. However, in one location in the western part of Iowa, you can step back in time to discover what Iowa looked like before Europeans set foot on its soil. The Loess Hills are maybe the most iconic Iowa natural landmark thanks to their distinct topography, but did you know that they’re also a remnant of a long-lost type of ecosystem? The Loess Hills are one of the only locations where you can still walk among true prairie grass, and you can see it for yourself.

Have you visited the Loess Hills and walked among its ancient prairie grass? Let us know about your visit to this unique Iowa natural landmark in the comments section. You can find out more on the official state website, and if you’re interested in driving the Loess Hills Scenic Byway, you’ll find additional information on the tourism website. For another Iowa natural landmark you may have never heard of, check out this stunning conservation area.

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Address: Loess Hills State Forest, Jackson Township, IA 51564, USA