This Iowa Bike Ride Leads To The Most Stunning Fall Foliage You’ve Ever Seen

The fall colors are all around Iowa now, everywhere you look. They can transform even a humble street corner into a kaleidoscope of orange, red, and yellow. But if you want to see them at their best, head to one of the state’s many beautiful parks. The only thing is…a lot of other people might have that same idea! Fortunately, one county park a short drive from Cedar Rapids has a beautiful bike trail that gives you a stunning view you might just have all to yourself. Take a day trip and explore Pinicon Ridge Park near Central City, and you’ll agree that this is the best fall foliage bike ride in Iowa.

Have you taken the ride on the bike trail at Pinicon Ridge Park? Let us know your favorite fall foliage bike ride in Iowa in the comments section. If you’re interested in exploring for yourself, pay a visit to the official county website before you go. If you’re looking for another place to enjoy the fall colors, why not take this relaxing river cruise?

Address: Pinicon Ridge Park, 4729 Horseshoe Falls Rd, Central City, IA 52214, USA