The Iowa Bakery In The Middle Of Nowhere That’s One Of The Best On Earth

Iowans know that the best kept secrets are hidden in our little, middle-of-nowhere towns. One such town, Storm Lake, is known for having a collection of lighthouses and a quaint downtown area. Since 1916, Iowans have been flocking to the town to visit a famous bakery that makes the best sweets in the state. Though it was called Page’s for decades, it was recently renamed Storm Lake Bakery, and owner Lisa Funk might just be the best baker in the entire state.

So what do you think — are you up for a road trip to a charming town with the best bakery in the state?! Storm Lake is more than just a foodie destination, though. You’ll Want to Visit This Dreamy Iowa Town Full Of Lighthouses As Soon As Possible, so let’s go!