There’s No Way You’ll Find Anything To Do In These 9 Tiny, Boring Iowa Cities

It’s rough living in a flyover state! The flat and boring Midwest is often the punchline of jokes for a reason, and if you live out here, you totally understand that. After all, there’s practically nothing to do in these small towns in Iowa. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, we could be wrong…

Wow, aren’t we lucky to live in one of the “flyover” states after all?

Address: McGregor, IA 52157, USA
Address: Bentonsport, IA 52565, USA
Address: Sabula, IA 52070, USA
Address: Arnolds Park, IA, USA
Address: West Bend, IA 50597, USA
Address: IA-136, Clinton, IA, USA
Address: Guttenberg, IA 52052, USA
Address: Saint Donatus, St Donatus, IA, USA
Address: Le Mars, IA 51031, USA