These 8 Restaurants Are What Iowa Cuisine Is All About

Not too long ago, the Huffington Post published an article that listed the most disproportionately popular cuisine in each state in America. They used data collected from Turns out Iowans like buffets 127% more than the national average. We like pizza more than 64% of the national average, and we like steak 21% more than the national average.

So here are eight Iowa restaurants, in no particular order, that sure seem to be doing Iowa cuisine the “right” way.

If you are wondering why Fong’s Pizza, Breitbach’s, Maid-Rite, or the wonderful restaurants of Solon aren’t included here, just click on their name to go to the recently published focused article singing their praises.

We Iowan’s probably have 300% more opinions than the national average, but what fun is a food article without that part. Where is your favorite restaurant in Iowa?