You Can Camp Overnight At This Remote Winery In Iowa

Located roughly a ten-minute drive from the small city of Garner, Iowa and on the border of the Eagle Flats Wildlife Management Area, you could say 99 Bottles Winery is in the middle of nowhere. So why do people come from around the state? This unique winery and vineyard isn’t just a great place to buy and taste wine – it’s one of Iowa’s most unique places to pitch a tent.

Have you sampled the wines at 99 Bottles Winery in Garner? Tell us all about your trip, whether it was just a quick stopover or an overnight stay, in the comments section below. The winery is excited to welcome new guests, so visit their website and Facebook page to learn all about their options for tastings, camping, and events.

Address: 99 Bottles Winery & Vineyard, 2695 Quail Ave, Garner, IA 50438, USA