Most People Have No Idea This Quaint Iowa Town Has A Ghostly Secret

Strawberry Point may look like a cute country town that is home to the world’s largest strawberry, but not everything here is as quaint and charming as it appears. Despite having a population of just over 1,200, this little city has a surprising amount of ghostly residents haunting the area.

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There are a handful of other eerie spots around town, including a Victorian home in the downtown area said to have been the site where a witch hanged herself in the tower to avoid capture. Though the story suggests this happened over 100 years ago, strange noises are still heard throughout the house – particularly around 2 a.m. – and an unusual presence of bats that seem to hang around the old chimney. Odd shadows catch the eyes of visitors, chilly spots appear in several rooms, and some people claim that pets brought into the house act very oddly, seeming to stare at an unseen presence in certain rooms.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the spooky stories are still fun to hear. These are particularly interesting, as they appear in such a small town that is known for something as cheerful as a 15-foot-tall statue of a strawberry. We guess it just goes to show that even the tiniest towns and happiest places can still hide a haunted history!