Stuff Your Face With The Tastiest Tenderloin Around At St. Olaf Tap In Small Town Iowa

When you make time to track down the small-town restaurants and hidden gems of the Hawkeye State, you end up discovering some of the best food you’ll ever find. One tiny town in Clayton County has earned a reputation for serving up a delicious, mouthwatering breaded pork tenderloin, and if you’re truly an Iowan, you’ve got to get out to try it. If you were to ask a bunch of Hawkeyes about the best pork tenderloin in Iowa, at some point, St. Olaf Tap would be mentioned.

Have you made the drive out to St. Olaf to dine at the tap? Tell us how it was! Visit their website, here, for more information.

If you think there are better tenderloins out there, Nominate your favorite and we’ll be sure to give it a try.

Address: 106 S Main St, St Olaf, IA 52072, USA