Nature Is Reclaiming This One Abandoned Spot In Iowa And It’s Amazing

Sometimes it’s good to see things from a new perspective.

The ruins of this abandoned school in Bagley might not look like much from the ground, but when captured from the air, they take on a majestic quality. It is kind of sad to think about the school as it once was, buzzing with activity. Still, there’s something beautiful about the way it is now, too. The collapsed roof over the brick shell lets the light in, and the broken windows allow you to see right through to the lovely countryside.

It’s fascinating to study the decay of buildings like these. We like to see what Mother Nature does when left to her own devices, without interference from human beings. That’s probably part of why “urban exploration” and visiting abandoned sites like these has become so popular in recent years. Though these places no longer serve their original purposes, it’s nice to know they’re still being appreciated in some way.

What did you think about this video and this abandoned place? Do you know of any other interesting abandoned or forgotten places in Iowa? Please share them with us!

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