With More Than 2,100 Acres To Explore, Iowa’s Largest State Park Is Worthy Of A Multi-Day Adventure

Iowa’s state parks are the best places to take in the great outdoors, but few have as much to explore as the one hiding in Solon, Iowa. Lake MacBride State Park is the largest state park in Iowa and has quickly become a popular vacation destination. Whether you’re looking to have a fun day at the lake or are hoping to explore some quieter trails and enjoy unspoiled nature, you’ll find your happy place in this 2,180-acre state park. So load up the car, get your camping gear ready, and take as many days as you need to explore this massive haven.

Have you spent a day or more at Lake MacBride State Park? Let us know what you thought of the largest state park in Iowa in the comments section. Make sure to check out the state website for more information on the park’s amenities. Looking for another escape from the heat? Why not spend a day at this famous man-made lake?

Address: Lake Macbride State Park, 3525 Hwy 382 NE, Solon, IA 52333, USA