There’s A Road In Iowa That Looks Just Like Lombard Street, But Hardly Anyone Knows It Exists

We’ve all been on that one road filled with hairpin turns that makes us feel more like we’re riding a roller coaster or driving in the Indy 500 as opposed to heading to work! But maybe no road compares to the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco, the east-west street containing one block with eight hairpin turns. Anyone who has driven it knows it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – unless, of course, you’re from Burlington, Iowa! Burlington is home to Snake Alley, the most unique road in Iowa and a surprising doppelganger to Lombard Street. If you ask Iowa residents, it may be even wilder – and every Iowa resident owes it to themselves to take this crazy drive at least once.

Have you been on Snake Alley in Burlington? Let us know about your trip to this unique road in Iowa – whether you drove, rode a bike, or walked – in the comments section. You can find out more about Snake Alley on the official Burlington website. For another surprising Iowa doppelganger, check out the Grand Canyon of the Midwest.

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Address: Snake Alley, Burlington, IA 52601, USA