Loess Hills Is A Scenic Outdoor Spot In Iowa That’s A Nature Lover’s Dream Come True

The Loess Hills are a large formation of wind-deposited loess soil in the westernmost parts of Iowa and Missouri, as well as the easternmost parts of Nebraska and Kansas. Put simply? These hills are essentially accumulations of dust. But the Loess Hills are stunningly beautiful, and one of the most scenic places in the midwest. In Iowa, you can sit and admire this natural wonder at the Loess Hills Scenic Overlook. From atop the overlook, you’ll enjoy what is perhaps the most scenic outdoor spot in Iowa, and a must-visit for nature lovers.

If you’re interested in taking the 1.2-mile Loess Hills Scenic Overlook Trail, you can learn more about that trek at AllTrails. And if you want to take your experience of the Loess Hills to the next level, you’ll definitely want to check out this scenic drive!

Address: Loess Hills Scenic Overlook, Oak Ave, Moorhead, IA 51558, USA