Hike The Kruidenier Trail To See An Iowa Skyline And Sunset You Won’t Forget

You don’t have to head into the backcountry to enjoy nature and experience a beautiful trail. The Kruidenier Trail is an urban trail in Des Moines that passes a river and rings a lake, offering some gorgeous views of downtown as well as access to some great recreational facilities, including a beach.

It’s the ideal place for an evening stroll – the sunsets along the trail are simply incredible. Lace up your shoes: here’s what you need to know about the Kruidenier Trail.

The trail connects with a 42-mile network of Des Moines trails and more than 500 miles of the Central Iowa Trail System. You can access the Kruidenier Trail from either a north or south entrance. You’ll likely encounter quite a few bikers, dog walkers and runners, especially in the morning. It’s a popular place!

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Address: Kruidenier Trail, Des Moines, IA 50315, USA