Take An Offroad Adventure To Visit A Giant Herd of Iowa Bison

There was a time when wild bison roamed throughout Iowa – especially in the Northwest and Northcentral areas of the state. By the 1860s, sightings became rare and they eventually disappeared from the wild.

There’s a place in Iowa where you can still see these majestic creatures out in the field.
Bare Bison, a working bison farm in Van Meter, offers tours that give visitors a chance to ride right up to a real bison herd.

The offload tours are incredible – here’s how they work.

You can schedule a tour of Bare Bison on their website and also order their bison products. Interested in another unusual farm tour? This Iowa farm raises kangaroos!

Address: Bare Bison, 1374 Badger Creek Rd, Van Meter, IA 50261, USA