Iowa isn’t exactly famous for its dramatic terrain. We do have our own little Grand Canyon of sorts, and it offers visitors a dose of emerald beauty. It doesn’t compare to the real thing, of course, but Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa has a charm all its own. Here in the flatter part of the Midwest, you might not expect to find the most stunning views in the state… but visitors are consistently blown away. Check it out:

This pretty place spans nearly one thousand acres and is well worth a visit. Want to plan your own trip? Check out the Iowa Department of Natural Resource’s website. If you’re visiting during our fair weather months, don’t hesitate to plan a camping trip!

Have you ever visited the magnificent Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa? What’s your favorite state park in Iowa that you consider to have the most dramatic scenery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Craving more natural beauty? Start your adventure through our state by exploring our own natural wonders.

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Pikes Peak State Park In Iowa

Where else can I find the best views in Iowa?

The Hawkeye State is not, typically, a coveted tourist destination… especially for those with a passion for ecotourism. However, locals can attest to the majesty of our state’s landscape. A huge chunk of the state consists of rolling hills, and in this portion of our region you will find some of the best views in Iowa. However, with 58,273 square miles of landscape, it should come as no surprise that there’s a bit of diversity here. Wetlands and lakes offer their own magnificence to the local landscape, and man made features, such as Lake Red Rock, frequently add additional beauty to the horizon.

What are the most scenic hiking trails in Iowa?

Arguably, the very best hiking trails in Iowa is a matter of preference. With much to see and do here in The Hawkeye State, you’ll find that hikes vary in both length and number of natural features. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll find that hikes are magnificent in summer, winter, and every season in between. There's much to discover amidst our state's acreage, even in the most unsuspecting places. If you see a park sign on the side of the road and have some time to spare, don't hesitate to pull over! During your travels in Iowa, it's always a good idea to keep hiking boots handy.

Are there any other natural wonders in Iowa?

There is a superabundance of beauty here. Natural wonders in Iowa range from grasslands to forests, all of which vary in terms of their size. There’s hiking galore at many of these places, and some even have campsites that are irresistible. You’ll find all sorts of natural wonders in our state parks, but you’ll also find magnificence in modest local parks. Not sure where to start your nature journey? Wherever you’re at in the state, don’t hesitate to ask locals for suggestions. We’re a helpful bunch!

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