Hike Into The Clouds On The Prairie In Iowa’s Hawkeye Point

If you ask people what word comes to mind when they think of Iowa, “Flat” might be included. The Hawkeye State is smack in the middle of prairie and farmland, and people looking for mountain views have few choices. But that doesn’t stop the highpointers – people who visit the highest point in all fifty states – from looking to complete the set. Iowa’s high point might not be a mountain, but it’s a uniquely Iowa roadside attraction with its own charms and beautiful views.

Have you paid a visit to Hawkeye Point before? Let us know what you think about this quirky high point and its silo observation tower in the comments section. If you’re planning a visit, make sure to check Iowa’s official tourism website to make sure you don’t miss any unique features.

Address: Hawkeye Point, Iowa 51249, USA