Few People Know This Charming Small Town In Iowa Is The Halfway Point On Iowa Highway 3

As you drive down Iowa Highway 3, it can seem like there’s nothing but prairie ahead of you. However, a slight detour down a side road can mean an unforgettable adventure. The small town of Rowan, Iowa only has a population of 123 permanent residents, but it has a rich culture and some unique attractions at the halfway point of Iowa’s longest highway. It’s a perfect opportunity to refresh yourself and experience some Iowa charm before you head back on the road.

Have you visited Rowan, Iowa before? Let us know what in this small town and its surrounding area stood out to you. If you’ll be driving through the area soon, make sure to visit the town website and the Facebook of their most notable attraction to find out the best way to spend your visit!

Address: Rowan, IA 50470, USA
Address: Iowa River Players, 901 Broadway St, Rowan, IA 50470, USA
Address: Frohling Strawberry Hill, 3115 230th St, Rowan, IA 50470, USA
Address: Coulter Cafe, 32 Main St, Latimer, IA 50452, USA
Address: Rowan Public Library, 101 Main St, Rowan, IA 50470, USA