Visit The Friendliest Town In Iowa The Next Time You Need A Pick-Me-Up

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be stressful, so why not step into a different place and time? Harlan, Iowa is a day trip from Des Moines, but you might as well be visiting another world. Stop by to discover why Harlan is known for its friendly locals, its unique businesses, and its reputation as a perfect break from the business of the modern world.

Have you had the chance to visit this charming little slice of Iowa? Let us know your favorite businesses and experiences in the comments section. Before your next visit, make sure to check the city’s official website for any news, and the museum’s official Facebook page to keep up on all their events.

Address: Harlan, IA 51537, USA
Address: Shelby County Historical Museum, 1805 Morse Ave, Harlan, IA 51537, USA
Address: Milk & Honey | breakfast & lunch, 1101 7th St, Harlan, IA 51537, USA
Address: The Purple Door, 622 Market St, Harlan, IA 51537, USA
Address: Prairie Rose State Park, 680 Rd M47, Harlan, IA 51537, USA