The Original Freedom Rock In Adair County Inspired A Trend That Spread All Across Iowa And Beyond

One of the most unique ways the Hawkeye State remembers and thanks veterans involves large rocks and lots of paint. Each county across Iowa – 99 in total – has what’s come to be known as a “Freedom Rock®”. Because there’s one dispersed in each county, it’s guaranteed that there’s a Freedom Rock® not too far away from wherever you call home in Iowa. 

It’s a special, unique way to remember and honor our veterans, and it’s a trend that’s catching on in other states, as well. You can find Freedom Rocks® in Washington state, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Wisconsin, with more states coming soon. Plus, the artist is adding at least one additional rock in Iowa for an even 100 total across the state. If you are interested in visiting some or all of these stones, there is an interactive map available here. If you want some ice cream to go along with your Freedom Rock® adventure, at least during the warmer months of the year, try this little dessert shop in Sully.

Address: Freedom Rock, 1199 IA-25, Menlo, IA 50164, USA