This Exotic Grocer In Iowa Sells Soda And Snacks From All Over The World

Are you dying to find that one snack you tried on a trip to Asia and seems to be MIA in the United States? Do you just want to broaden your culinary horizons? In the college area of Des Moines, savvy shoppers will find a culinary nirvana packed with exotic treats from around the world – often at a fraction of the price of your local supermarket. Step into C Fresh Market and discover a new world of food.

Have you filled up your cart at C Fresh Market? Let us know the items you’ll never go home without in the comments section. The supermarket is always bringing in new products and features regular sales, so keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for all the latest deals.

Address: C Fresh Market, 801 University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50314, USA