People Will Drive From All Over Iowa To Belmond Drive-In For The Nostalgia Alone

Remember what it was like going through a classic drive-through restaurant? You didn’t even need to get out of your car – simply sail up to the window, make your order, and minutes later you’re chowing down on delicious, fresh-made food. For those feeling nostalgic, you don’t need to settle for a generic fast-food burger. Iowa is seeing a renaissance in drive-through restaurants, and one location in a quiet part of the state is worth the drive from anywhere.

Have you sailed into the Belmond Drive-In and ordered one of their specialties yet? Let us know all about your meal in the comments section. If you’re planning a visit to Belmond’s signature restaurant, make sure to drop by their website and Facebook page to learn about all their specials!

Address: Belmond Drive-in, 215 River Ave S, Belmond, IA 50421, USA