You Can Buy Unique Seeds From This Iowa Farm That Has The Largest Exchange Of Rare Seeds In The Entire Country

Generations of immigrants have arrived in America with something more precious than gold – the seeds in their pocket. These seeds would grow into delicious varieties of tomatoes, peppers and beans and ensure that despite whatever would happen on the road ahead, a family would not go hungry.

Over the years, many of these old heirloom seeds have become exceedingly rare and some were in danger of disappearing forever.

In the fertile farmland of northeast Iowa, just outside of Decorah, there’s a farm making sure that doesn’t happen. Heritage Farm, the headquarters of Seed Savers Exchange, grows nearly 1,000 rare and uncommon varieties of seeds and sells them in a store that’s open to the public. Even if you’re not a gardener, Heritage Farm is an incredible place to visit. Here’s what you need to know.

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit and it’s engaged in many efforts to preserve heirloom seeds. It operates the world’s largest seed exchange, a network of 13,000 gardeners who are helping preserve 20,000 plant varieties. Learn more with a visit to Heritage Farm and get another look at Iowa’s farming history with this rare and amazing collection of photos.

Address: 3074 N Winn Rd, Decorah, IA 52101, USA

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