When spring and summer fall over Iowa, the skies come alive with small visitors, and some are more welcome than others! Is there any more beautiful insect out there than the butterfly? These gentle, fragile, nectar-soaking bugs are like little works of art. They’re completely harmless, and even friendly – if you hang out around them long enough, you might even be lucky enough to have one land on you! This is especially likely if you’re spending time in a butterfly garden in Iowa. While there are plenty of large butterfly gardens in botanical gardens around the Hawkeye State, there’s also a secret butterfly garden hiding in the small city of Knoxville. Established in 1994 and inspired by a woman who died at age 101 in the same hospital that now hosts the garden, the Bessie Spaur Butterfly Garden is a small public green space that is open for anyone to visit – and it’s a beautiful, peaceful retreat often filled with butterflies.

Have you visited the Bessie Spaur Butterfly Garden in Knoxville? Tell us about your visit to this hidden butterfly garden in Iowa in the comments section! You can find out more about the Bessie Spaur Butterfly Garden on its official Facebook page. While you’re in Knoxville, don’t miss this unique and beautiful beach.

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