A 3,000 Acre Grassland, Broken Kettle Preserve Is The Largest Continuous Prairie In Iowa

Long ago, vast herds of bison roamed countless acres of prairie in the land that would someday become the fertile state of Iowa. You can still find remnants of that era tucked away around the state; you may have even visited the popular Neal Smith Wildlife Sanctuary for some prairie vistas. However, not too many people have even heard of the Broken Kettle Grassland Preserve, which is one of the largest prairies in Iowa.

The Broken Kettle Grassland Preserve headquarters is located at 24764 IA-12 in Westfield, Iowa. If you’re really excited to fully experience Iowa’s largest continuous prairie for yourself, consider calling the Nature Conservancy at 515-244-5044 to check for upcoming events or tours at Broken Kettle, or visit their website here. Broken Kettle isn’t the only place to see bison or prairie in Iowa – try Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge as well.

Address: Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve, Westfield, IA 51062, USA