Most People Have No Idea You Can Do This One Awesome Activity In Iowa

Iowa is truly full of innovative people. Every day, Iowans find ways to enjoy pastimes that seem geographically impossible for them to do. For example: ice climbing. People typically associate this activity with glaciers, but it’s been thousands of years since one of those was in Iowa. People also ice climb mountainsides, but Iowa is lacking in that as well. So what is an Iowan to do? Climb the tallest thing around, a grain bin silo of course! See how silo ice climbing is done in the gallery below.

It is $40 dollars for a day pass, and $150 for a season pass. There’s a warming house nearby where climbers can stock up on food and supplies. If silo ice climbing can teach us anything, it’s that nothing can get between humans and their passions. Have you ever made the climb before, or even heard of it? To learn more, visit Share this with your friends and tell us your stories.