The Remnants Of This Abandoned Iowa School Are Hauntingly Beautiful

You cannot observe nature changing in real time, but don’t be fooled! Mother Nature is in action; she is slowly making moves to engulf any structure left vulnerable. Typically, we stay ahead of the game with countless hours of grass cutting, hedge trimming, and tree chopping every year, but sometimes we look away for just a bit too long. We find places once occupied by people now overrun with flora and fauna. Such is the beauty of nature, we use her to make our own spectacles, and she takes back what we made and incorporates it into herself, making her something different: A spectacle beyond design.

Thanks to Abandoned Iowa, we have these fantastic images of Gardiner Consolidated School. Check out their Facebook page here to discover even more pictures of amazing abandoned locations in Iowa.

It is amazing to see what happens to our creations when we cannot keep constant vigilance over them. So the next time you see weeds crawling out of the sidewalk, or a vine scaling the side of a house, just remember who this Earth truly belongs to. It is not yours or mine, but is shared in ownership amongst all that occupy it, biotic or otherwise. Are there any places you have witnessed nature’s reclamation of? Comment below and share!

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